We have over 30 years of experience.

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You make the Product, We will Market it !


Indu Exim Pvt Ltd offers consultation services to various manufacturers of products. Indu Exim also offers services of:

  • Market strategy consultancy
  • Product management
  • A business communication channel

We let the manufacturer do what they are best at – Manufacturing the product and assist them with our USP of being marketers.


  • We gather and provide market knowledge to the brand owner.
  • We also recommend the market go-to strategy for the particular brand.

    • Offering insights about the product and which features of the product to be advertised.
    • Offer the complete 360° Approach.

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  • We try to understand the customer needs and make the customer aware about the relevant features of the product.
  • We keep on looking for market niches to market the product and to make the product exclusive in the usage in those markets.
  • Provide product feedback to the company for continuous improvement of the product.
  • We integrate the up-selling and cross-selling techniques but at the same time remember to market the right product to the right customer.

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  • To get a good presence in the market, the customer must feel related to the brand.
  • We work towards building a brand reputation and creating a buzz about the brand.
  • We use different media and channels to communicate the brand’s principles and make people understand the idea behind the brand.

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